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Yoga Halter - Chakra Print

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This beautiful top is made of the softest loveliest cotton fabric that is natural, breathable, stretchy and long lasting.
It's blended with lycra for a perfect stretch! 

The top is printed with the seven chakras symbol is a lovely gold screen print.

It's super supportive and comfortable with a double layer on the bust which works as a kind of built in bra. The halter top is double fabric and pulls over the head.

This top comes in 3 sizes that are adjustable with the stretchy fabric and the lace up back.

Depending on your personal preference you may want to size up or size down. A smaller size giving a tighter fit and a larger size being more airy. Approximate measurements are given below.

Length of top from top of halter to bottom hem: 21" (53.5cm) (all sizes)

Waist: (smallest)-(largest):

Small: 21" / 53.5cm  - 32" / 82cm 

Medium: 22" / 57cm  - 34" / 86cm

Large: 24" / 61cm - 38" / 96cm 

It comes in 6 gorgeous colours.


90% Cotton 10% Lycra