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Materials and Care

Utility Belts

Our utility belts are made using finest quality cotton canvas.

Many of our designs feature hand printed patterns and brass elements such as grommets, buckles, etc. We highly recommend that you have your utility belt dry cleaned when necessary. If the soiling is not too big a deal, try rubbing the problem patch gently with a damp cloth.



Our clothing is made from a 95% cotton 5% lycra mix. This allows for a nice comfortable wearing experience, with a lovely stretch. It also means that the natural fabric is breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.

Clothing to stretch, laugh and love in, but how to care for it?

Our clothing can be machine washed. We recommend a cold gentle cycle and line drying for the longevity of the pieces. Hand washing with a gentle soap/detergent is our top recommendation to get the longest life from your new Ekeko pieces.


Brass Jewelry

All of the brass used in our Ekeko Crafts jewelry is 100% nickel free. Brass, by nature, will darken over time as it is exposed to oxygen. This is a normal process and can be reversed by simply rubbing the brass with a damp cloth and a little soap or using a drop of toothpaste and a brush to gently polish.

It doesn't tarnish permanently and can always be polished up to be shiny again.

Another good tip for brass (and pretty much everything else you ever dreamed of cleaning) is to make a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice. Use a brush to apply the paste and clean your jewelry, rinsing well with water directly after.

Although brass can be worn in the water, we recommend removing all jewelry before showering or swimming to extend it's life.

Brass contains copper, which is a natural mineral that is not harmful. Sometimes jewelry containing copper can leave a greenish mark on the skin. This is not harmful and can be easily washed off. It's a natural chemical reaction between the copper and certain skin types (depending on the PH). If you're skin reacts like this, we recommend removing the jewelry overnight every night and washing the jewelry and your skin. A longer lasting solution is to paint the jewelry with a coat of clear nail polish. This will stop the colouring and will also keep your brass lovely and shiny!


Silver Jewelry

For all of our silver jewelry here at Ekeko Crafts, we use 925 sterling silver.

Silver darkens over time as it's natural response to oxygen. Wearing it often will help to keep its shine as the oils in our skin help to proof it. Good news!

If you do wish to shine your piece right up, a dry microfiber cloth or a lint-free flannel will work well. Or even better, a special silver polishing cloth easily acquired from a jewellers shop will work best.

Keep in mind that silver is a soft metal, and as such, needs gentle care.

Although silver can be worn in the water, we recommend removing all jewelry before showering or swimming to extend it's life. 


Gemstone Jewelry

We are proud to say that all of our gemstones are authentic, natural and not synthetic.

Due to this, there may be naturally occurring 'flaws' in the stones. It's best to see these not as flaws, but for what they truly are - an expression of nature's diversity and uniqueness.

Different minerals, however, react differently to the same conditions. In the case of coral, abalone, pearl, peridot, turquoise and opal, it's best not to bring them into contact with chemicals. Wild swimming and bathing is fine, but city water and unnatural cleaning products are not recommended.

Quartz, moonstone, labradorite, amethyst and any other mineral not mentioned above, will be hard enough to withstand water and product contact. Strong like a lion!

Opal and pearl do need a little damping down with drinking water occasionally to avoid splitting and cracking. A wipe three or four times a year should do the trick.

As a general rule of thumb, all jewelry should be kept away from chemicals as much as possible.