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The Vision

Our mission is to provide wild spirited and creative people with clothing and jewellery that is not only comfortable and practical, but also encourages the wearer to express their soul with style! The designs honour indigenous and tribal traditions worldwide and carry sacred geometry symbols, to spread positive energy and awareness beyond the physical realm. We want you to feel your best while using our wares and hope to inspire you to dance, sing your heart out, play, practice flow arts, yoga, meditation and mindfulness and embody the divine goddess in all of your creative endeavours. You should be festival ready with just a few supplies from ekeko crafts!

We love to dream big dreams and would like to encourage everyone in the world to do the same! Let's create a better world together, and create better selves along the journey.

Our vision is to be a 100% sustainable, ethical and carbon neutral company. We are on the road to working with only GOTS certified organic fabrics made of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. We are also working towards fair trade certification.

We are striving to give back a percentage of our profits to several projects in the realms of social work, environmental work, permaculture projects, indigenous rights and women's rights.

Our greater vision here is to create a symbiotic relationship between this business and a community of women in need. The idea is to offer training and support to women in underprivileged countries who are in need of jobs, and help them gain financial independence to live a happy and healthy life and follow their dreams. This includes health care, housing, clean water and education, for women and their children.

Through this project, we would like to raise awareness to our customers and everyone that crosses our path to do a bit of research into where your goods come from. What are they made of? Who made them? Where did they come from? What effect does this have on the environment? What effect does this have on humanity?

Don't be afraid to ask questions and know that being a conscious consumer is not simple – we need to educate ourselves and invest time and care into the choices we make and knowing the effect these choices have on the planet.