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Giving Back

We would like to encourage our customers and visitors to be conscious about their consumer choices and the ethical and ecological impact of their decisions.

5% of our profits will be used to support different projects around the world with the intention to improve the planet and the life that resides on it. As the business grows, so will our percentage and our contributions to these organizations.


Plant Trees

Tree planting is a very important part of balancing out our carbon footprints. Deforestation is happening so rapidly around the world, and there is a dire need for more trees. They are after all the lungs of the Earth! We encourage you to plants trees in your locality as much as possible, and also look into organizations that are working tirelessly to do this. Here are a couple of great organizations worth supporting:


Support and Protect Indigenous Communities and Tribes

In this ever changing age of technology, we can sometimes forget about our planet's indigenous and tribal people, who still live very much connected to the land. Consumer demand is having a severe impact on tribal people worldwide, driving them away from their rightful land and home, spreading disease, and forcing cultural change. We encourage indigenous rights to keep the flame of wisdom alive on our planet. Here are a couple of organizations worth looking into:


Sustainability and Water

Water is the life blood of the earth, and a basic human right, yet so many do not have access to this basic survival need. Without clean water, we have nothing.                               


Women's Empowerment

Although the world is changing rapidly regarding women's rights, we still have a long way to go. So many women around the world are suffering violence, abuse and poverty. Check out the Women's Foundation Nepal to support women's empowerment:


See also:

Ramana's Garden is a very special orphanage in Rishikesh, India that offers a beautiful home and school for orphans with an organic veggie garden:


Embracing The World is working on several amazing projects to help alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. They work on disaster relief, building homes, healthcare, orphanages, education and more: