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Rama Tank - Sri Yantra Print

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This tribal style tank top is made of a beautifully soft yet sturdy 100% cotton. The material is natural and breathable, perfect for dance, movement, yoga or fitness workout. It's light and comfortable.

The print on this singlet is a Sri Yantra sacred geometry Vedic symbol surrounded by lotus petals.

Lotus petals are widely used in Vedic and Hindu symbolism and represent the purity that comes from the depths of darkness - as the lotus flower literally rises from the dark muddy waters of a stagnant pond.

The Sri Yantra is an ancient spiritual symbol that represents the energy of Shiva as well as the unification and balance of masculine and feminine energies. The downward pointing triangles represent the feminine energy and the upwards pointing triangles represent the masculine.

This top comes in 4 sizes and 5 lovely colours.


100% Cotton