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Ragged Skirt

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Super funky festival skirt with lots of interesting design details. The skirt is made of a pattern with lots of different asymmetrical sections, layers and dangley ragged bits! There is a little pull up string on the front and the back to add a touch extra rouch and shorten it for an even sexier look.

The fabric is soft, silky, stretchy and light. 90% Viscose and 10% Lycra for the perfect stretch. The skirt rolls up into a tiny little ball so you can even bring it out in your handbag in case you might need it!


These are the measurements of the skirt.
You will want to measure the area between the waist and the hips where you want the skirt to sit.
S: 28" (71cm) - 34" (86cm)
M: 30" (76cm) - 36" (91cm)
L: 32" (81cm) - 42" (107cm)

All our clothing is handmade with love and ethically made.


90% Viscose 10% Lycra