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Plain Utility Holster Bag

This gorgeous holster bag is good for all genders. It's the must have accessory for music festivals like Burning Man.

It has 2 large pockets in the front and 2 smaller flat pockets in the back.

The fabric is a tough and durable cotton canvas making it a perfect fire-safe piece for fire performances and a beautiful vegan alternative to leather.

The straps are adjustable and there is a decorative seed of life coin riveted onto the geometric back-piece.

Pocket dimensions:
The 2 large pockets are 7" x 6" (18cm x 15cm)
And 2 flat pockets: approx 4" x 5" (10cm x 13cm)

The straps are adjustable so it fits a wide variety of sizes.

We offer this design in 5 different variations:
Plain (no print)
Metatrons Cube
Seed of Life
Bee Print
Flower of Life

All of them have the seed of life coin on the back. 

Check our shop for the printed versions.


100% Cotton Canvas