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Pixie Dress

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Our lovely Pixie Dress! It has a round scoop neck, asymmetrical hemline with pixie points on one side and a bunch of long uneven panels stitched together on the other side. The sleeves are pointed and the back has a gorgeous open circle with a lace and tie up string. 

There are 6 striking colours to choose from and 3 sizes. 

This is a SHORT dress or tunic. May be too short for some folks but works beautifully layered up with your favourite leggings or flares and can be very flattering with a nice flowy skirt underneath too. 

In the photos you will see some of our gorgeous brass jewellery and also our amazing Lotus Holster Pockets which you can find in our shop. 

The fabric is amazing! If photos could capture softness!! It's like silk on the skin and has a perfect stretch to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. 


90% Viscose 10% Lycra