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Playa Pixie Hooded Waistcoat

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This Playa Pixie Hooded Waistcoat is a unique addition to any alternative wardrobe.

Featuring a cropped waist and intricate designs, the embroidered layers and brass embellishments create a gorgeous hippie elven style.

Lace frills frame the beautifully fitted hood, with lace flowing into to a frilled ruche around the edges of the whole waistcoat.

With a corset that comes to a pixie point at the bottom of the back of the bodice, the front of the bodice joins together in a sexy tie.

4 unique colours available: Red, Brown, Green and Black



This hooded waistcoat is available in one size;

Bust from smallest to largest 30" - 40" (76cm - 101.5cm)
Length from back neckline to back point hem 16" (40.5 cm)

The material is a beautiful blend of viscose and cotton with lace.

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Viscose, Cotton & Lace